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Kusadasi photographer

 Kusadasi photographer is not just a word which describes a profession but is a term of natural photograph can be taken in a beautiful seaside place like Kusadasi where the best touristic place is ever.   I am a photographer takes all kind of picture that you need.  If I should give examples, passport photo, special days photo like wedding and birthdays. On the other hand I accept customers’ special needs.    As a Kusadasi photographer I offer you taking beautiful pictures that combine nature of Kusadasi.  Kusadasi has long beaches; one of them is Ladies Beach, where is famous in touristic scale of the world.     By the way this beautiful seaside place is not known only sea and beaches but also very near Selcuk Virgin Mary’s House, where brings people from all over the world.     Kusadasi- Selcuk- Virgin Mary’s House: between 24 kilometers and takes 29 minutes, and every day you have chance to go and come back by public transportation or your private vehicle. Furthermore; Izmir is 3th biggest city of Turkey near Kusadasi and again you have a chance to go there daily by private bus companies. Izmir-Kusadasi between:  98 kilometer and takes 1 hour, 28minutes.

    Being Kusadasi photographer I have to admit that my job can be so exciting because of beauty of the place.  People comes from every country gives Kusadasi, a colorful aliveness and harmony together. If the people do the job not for only earning money but also doing this as an art, you should hire me as a photographer. I would like to give you tips how wonderful photo that you have. Please check them.

  As   Kusadasi photographer, I recommend you to give a try using extraordinary angles, especially at special days for example at wedding days please be open-minded, use unusual methods.  Because this is the day an extraordinary. Of course I advise you to hire a professional photographer for special days.   Think about splendid glamour like a movie star in Hollywood. Give something from you. This is the unforgettable day and please do not forget to give your most gorgeous smile. Imagine that this photo will be published in magazines. Nowadays this kind of photos are so trendy, please remember. And of course do not take all credits. Share it with your husband or wife. Look at her/his eyes in love.

   As Kusadasi photographer, another tip that I want to give you, taking pictures in special days please pretend today is not special or try to forget photographer takes your pictures. Be natural. Do not try to    pose.  This kind of artificial pose causes harm of natural photograph theme. Let professional photographer takes pictures both of you naturally not posing. Be sure while you are looking at natural photographs after years you won’t be regret.

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